Transportation Policy.



Parents of children who are attending the after school care program in our center will be responsible for notifying the center by phone or notify the staff on duty directly for any of the following situations:

The child is going to be picked up early or right after school hours by the parent(s).

  • The child is going to be picked up early or right after school hours by the parent(s).
  • The child is absent for any reason including illness
  • The child is on vacation or is away from the center for a while
  • For any school fieldtrip organized by the school and authorized by the parent.

School age children must show up in our centre as soon as they finish the school. For any reason that the child is staying with the teacher or other school planned activities, they must notify the staff on duty right away (the child will go back to attend the school activities and come back to the program), so the staff will be aware of the child’s absence or the reason for the child’s late arrival

Kindergarten children are escorted by the teacher or assistants to the out-of- school meeting destination and will remain under the supervision of the out-of- school staff. Children registered in grades one and up will be required to line up at the front door of our day care center, where the meeting point is with their supervisor. The staff on duty takes the attendance after school hours and she must know the reason why the child is not showing up on time at the meeting spot of the teacher and the children, The staff on duty must be notified on time for any absence or delay of the child’s appearance, even when the child is preoccupied with school activities. This information is shared with children all the time, but we need parents to inform or remind the child too.

Preschool children who are attending 100 voices program are dropped off and picked up from their classroom by one of our staff member.

It is parent’s responsibility to contact the staff and provide us with any of the above situations.

In case if the child doesn’t show up on time after school hours for the parent’s negligence to notify the center, we will give a warning to the parent. If this situation will happen repeatedly we are going to give the parent a written notice for discontinuing from our program.

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